Save Your Tooth From Extraction With Root Canal Therapy

At Burnaby Dentist and Orthodontist in Burnaby, we are dedicated to helping our patients protect and prioritize their smiles. If you need – or suspect you need – a root canal treatment, you can trust that we’ll do everything we can to not only get you out of pain, but to preserve your smile in the process.

What’s involved in root canal therapy?

During a root canal procedure, our dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic and remove the infected pulp and nerve from inside the damaged tooth. The tooth will then be filled with a special dental material and sealed to prevent further infection and decay, and a composite filling or a dental crown will cover the area, restoring its shape and function.

What advantages are associated with this procedure?

In addition to the fact that root canal therapy can save a tooth from extraction while removing decay and infection, it can also prevent the infection from spreading and damaging surrounding teeth and gums. What’s more, preserving your natural tooth means you won’t need to replace it with a denture, dental bridge, or dental implant, and by having your damaged tooth treated quickly, you reduce your risk for serious issues that can arise when an infection is left untreated in the body.

For more information on the importance of root canals or any other dental procedures, contact Burnaby Dentist and Orthodontist today. We can provide you with the advice and information you need to care for your teeth and preserve your smile!

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  • Eradicate pain and infection
  • Improve your bite function
  • Protect a significantly decayed tooth
  • Avoid extraction
  • Prioritize your smile!

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